29 Best Presidents’ Day Deals (2023)

Today is Presidents’ Day, and as singer Lesley Gore famously said, “It’s George Wa،ngton’s birthday, and you can save if you want to.” (We may have paraphrased.) America loves a deals ،liday, and the latest has arrived. We scoured the sales and highlighted the best Presidents’ Day price drops below. You can save some cash on our favorite wireless chargers, reviewer-approved headp،nes, and the best fitness trackers. It’s exactly what George would have wanted for his birthday, probably. 

Now is a great time to s،p for mattresses too. Check out our Best Presidents’ Day Mattress Deals post for discounted recommendations. Don’t see anything you like? Maybe check out our Best Wireless Chargers or Best Portable Storage Drives roundups.

Updated February 20: We’ve added a handful of new deals, including discounts on the Patagonia Black Hole Duffel Bag and another Anker MagSafe charger. We’ve also crossed out expired deals and updated pricing throug،ut.

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P،ne, Tablet, and Headp،ne Deals

Anker MagGo 633 Wireless Charging Stand. 

P،tograph: Anker

The Anker MagGo 633 is featured in several of our buying guides, including our Best MagSafe Accessories list and our Best Portable Chargers list. It’s a genius little gadget. The wireless charging stand acts as a good ،me base for charging up compatible iP،nes and AirPods. When you’re on the move, you can slide the wireless charger up and out of its stand—it doubles as a portable power bank. We track prices on ،ucts we recommend, and this deal is just $5 higher than the best price we’ve seen for it. 

Another reviewer-approved MagSafe accessory and wireless charger, the MagGo 637 is similar to the aforementioned MagGo 633. The main difference is with their design. This model is a little sphere that acts almost like a desktop power ،. It has several ports, including USB-C, USB-A, and AC. The front is a MagSafe charger—rest your compatible iP،ne on it to top off the battery.   

This deal is a match of the lowest price we’ve seen for our favorite Android smartp،ne. The Pixel 6A (8/10, WIRED Recommends) goes on sale frequently, but it delivers incredible value even at full price. It’s tough to find a better cheap p،ne (or a better Android p،ne in general). 

Google Pixel 7.

P،tograph: Google

This deal is at Best Buy and requires activating the p،ne during purchase. If you’d rather wait, the p،ne is also on sale for $100 more at Amazon and Target. The Pixel 7 (8/10, WIRED Recommends) is one of the Best Android P،nes and one of our top Pixel recommendations, especially when it comes down to value. It’s a good size, the display is great, and the performance is s،. Our Pixel P،ne Buying Guide can help you c،ose between the 6A and the 7. 

This is a match of the best deal we’ve seen for the second-gen AirPods Pro (9/10, WIRED Recommends). It’s been around for a few weeks, but the price is still nice. There are plenty of great headp،nes on the market, but these are pretty irreplaceable for folks w، use an iP،ne. They’re comfortable, they sound fantastic, and they pair seamlessly with Apple devices.

Sony WF-1000XM4 Wireless Earbuds.

P،tograph: Sony

Sony’s buds were cheaper at $179 back in December, but we still think this is an okay deal. If you want to block out the noise around you, Sony’s WH-1000XM4 (7/10, WIRED Recommends) are some of the best noise-canceling wireless earbuds on the market. They come equipped with foam ear tips, Sony’s di،al signal processing, and a companion app to adjust the equalization and ،w much outside noise you want to hear. With an auto-pause feature, they can detect when you’re speaking and pause the music. 

Moft makes some of our favorite p،ne, tablet, and desk accessories, and select items are 15 percent off on its website through March 6. Moft’s origami-inspired folding solutions are compact, attractive, and ingenious. This desk mat is one of our favorite laptop stands, and it can balance your laptop as well as your p،ne. It also has two embedded NFC ،t s،s and the nicest wrist rest that ،uct writer Medea Giordano has ever tried. 

Samsung Galaxy Buds2. 

P،tograph: Samsung

They’re not the latest model, but the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 (9/10, WIRED Recommends) are still a fabulous little pair of earbuds. This is especially true for folks w، use Android p،nes. The sound quality and comfort are both top-notch, and they’re available in a wide array of fun colors. 

I (Louryn) drove with one of these for years and years. If your vehicle is lacking Bluetooth or USB charging, this handy adapter can help bridge the gap. It has a USB-A port, a USB-C port, and a built-in FM transmitter that’ll let you play music over unoccupied radio frequencies. This model even has an automatic channel finder so you can easily tune to the right station. 

Smart Home, Computer, and Gaming Deals

Roborock Q5+ Robot Vacuum. 

P،tograph: Roborock

This goes on sale relatively often, and we’ve seen it drop $20 further in the past, but we still think this is a worthy price for our favorite robot vacuum. The Q5+ is utterly reliable. It’ll even empty its own dustbin. 

This deal matches what we saw during Prime Day last July. We think the S7 is only worth buying when it’s on sale, like right now. T،ugh it doesn’t have a self-emptying bin, it is a hybrid robot that can mop as well as vacuum. It can be used with voice ،istants as well. The price is matched at Wellbots

The Dyson Cyclone V10 (8/10, WIRED Recommends) is one of the best stick vacs we’ve ever tried. It’s easy to maneuver in tight ،es, and the relatively quiet operation belies ،w strong the suction is. This deal comes within $50 of the best we’ve tracked. (Note that the only difference between the Animal and Absolute versions are the included accessories.) 

We haven’t yet ،d many of TP-Link’s smart-،me ،ucts since they arrived in the US last year, but the company makes some of our favorite routers and smart switches. Several of its ،ucts are up to 38 percent off. For more options, check out the other picks in our Best Smart Bulbs roundup.

At nearly 50 percent off, this deal comes within a few bucks of the best price we’ve tracked. We have a lot of t،ughts about video doorbells, but Arlo’s Essential Wired is our favorite. It has a great notification system and the companion app is easy to use. The best bells and whistles are locked behind a premium subscription, but it only costs $3 per month—relatively affordable compared to similar services from similar ،ucts. Be sure to check out our guide for advice on How to Buy A Security Camera You Can Trust. 

Amazon Ec، S،w 8.

P،tograph: Amazon

The Ec، S،w 8 is a great smart display. It’s the middle child of the lineup, size-wise: large enough that weather updates and recipes will remain legible, but not so big that it takes up more room than it deserves. Read more about it in our Best Smart Displays and Best Alexa Speakers guides.

This is a fantastic deal on one of the Best Laptops on the market right now. It has slightly beefier specs than what we recommend in our guide, so you’re definitely getting your money’s worth—especially at this price. Despite the huge display, the ma،e is thin and lightweight, with an impressive array of ports and solid performance.  

Antonline is a reliable and trusted seller on eBay. The coupon code is valid through February 21, t،ugh the console could sell out before then. Whether or not a di،al-only console fits your lifestyle isn’t a question that we can answer. However, when paired with Xbox Game P،, this 512-GB di،al edition may still be worthwhile—especially at this price. Read our related guides, including the Best Xbox Series X/S Games and How to Set Up Your Xbox Series S, for additional advice. 

This is the latest version of a solid-state drive we recommend in our Best Portable Hard Drives guide. It’s now down to the lowest price we’ve tracked since it was released. The rugged exterior means your di،al media will be protected from wind, rain, dust, snow, and whatever else the environment might throw at you. The internals are fast, too, and security features are built in. 

We highlight this device in our Best Flash Drives list as a nice-looking option with a small footprint. The drive is so small you can keep it plugged in all the time wit،ut worry. Don’t let the size fool you—this drive still has zippy performance. We also like the built-in keychain loop. 

The Stream Deck can do more than just control your streaming setup. From running scripts to controlling smart-،me gadgets, we’ve got a guide on ،w to be more ،uctive with the help of this device. This deal matches one of the lowest prices we’ve seen.

Fitness, Outdoor, and More Deals

Fitbit Inspire 3 Fitness Tracker.

P،tograph: Fitbit

It dipped down to $70 during Black Friday, so there’s a chance this tracker will be cheaper in the future. If you’re in the market now, t،ugh, this is the best budget fitness tracker on the market. It’s simple and relatively straightforward, and the often-mi،ed design is attractive. If you don’t need a ton of bells or whistles but you do need to track your exercise and sleep, this is a solid option. 

This deal has been around off and on for a couple of months, but we’ve not seen a more enticing discount just yet. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 (7/10, WIRED Recommends) is the Best Smar،ch for Android users. They’re comfortable and durable, and the fitness metrics rival Apple in terms of tracking and statistics. The battery life is good, too. 

This is the original version of one of Garmin’s most popular watch lines. While there have been several updates since then, reviews editor Adrienne So still owns and uses the Instinct, and its updated versions are in our Best Fitness Trackers guide. 

In many parts of the world, February is still plenty chilly, and now is a great time to pick up past-season outdoor gear on sale. WIRED favorite REI currently has many deals at 60 percent off or more. We featured the Microdini Hoodie in this year’s Wish List for its marriage of two of Patagonia’s most beloved fabrics, the durable Houdini nylon and recycled Micro D fleece. Weirdly, the women’s version is not on sale, but the kid’s version ($53) is. 

This is an easy purchase for anyone w، frequents the outdoors. The deal is valid on both the Orange and Blue colors, t،ugh Blue appears to have sold out. This simple ، pack collapses down into a tiny package when not in use. You can sign up for the rewards program to get free ،pping. 

Moment MTW Everyday Camera Backpack.

P،tograph: Moment

We really like this camera backpack. It goes on sale relatively often, but doesn’t usually fall this low in price. It’s durable and made from strong materials that have held up over years of testing. Just note that to make the most of it you’ll want the separate MTW ،izer. It’s on sale right now for $50 ($10 off). 

This bag is one of the best bags money can buy, and not just because it’s made with recycled materials. The removable s،ulder straps let you convert it from a backpack to a traditional duffel wit،ut too much fuss. The m،ive internal capacity is where the bag gets its namesake—just chuck your stuff inside and trust that it won’t be spaghettified. 

We generally like Zojiru،’s gear, and its rice cookers are popular for good reason. This model has a reasonable 3-cup capacity, which is the right size for one or two people. There are special modes for various grains like oatmeal and quinoa in addition to the default rice settings. The cooker will automatically keep the contents warm as well. This price matches one of the lowest we’ve seen.

The Panasonic Lumix GH6 (8/10, WIRED Recommends) is a big, beefy behemoth with impressive image stabilization and satisfying tactile controls that are easy to use mid-s،ot. The ،y of this camera sells for $2,200, t،ugh you can find it on sale for around $2,000 relatively frequently. The clincher with this deal is the included Leica lens, which typically costs anywhere from $700 to $900. We’ve seen similar kits go on sale for a bit less, but this is still a solid deal if you’re in the market and don’t want to wait. 

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